I watched the Adele concert in New York last night, on tv in New York that is :)

That woman is amazing! She was telling her audience how she was incredibly nervous and was looking for an escape route before coming on stage. She said she hadn't done a show in 4 years and had missed everyone. She also said "I love you all but you scare me." Those words hit home.

I know exactly what she means. I tell my clients that their portraits mean as much to me as they do to them, I put 110% of my creative heart and soul into each session and everything I produce goes out into the world with my name on it open to judgement and critique. I need to do an amazing job as the photographs I take need to last several lifetimes, I hope they will be viewed upon long after I have left this wonderful world of ours.

To get to the point, being asked again to be a featured artist at this years IlluminArte Festival in Picton is bitter sweet, scary but exciting holding gratitude and fear in the same breath. Though with the support of you all and the parents of the featured Bubs my photographs have been submitted and I will be there, you may see me hiding in the back of the crowds watching peoples reactions, you may see me staring in amazement too.

This coming Saturday marks the event, held in the main street of Picton, seven of my black and white newborn portraits will be projected onto the side of a landmark building. It is a great event, a wonderful family environment with lots of fun things for the kids, a lantern parade at dusk, beautiful food, street performers... Try to get there if you can, I hope to see you there.

K :)



Photo Credit: Brett Atkins Copyright 2015