Photographer Mentoring


Let me share all I know

I am currently studying to embark on a completely new career, and am in the process of closing my business by the end of 2023.

I’ve been a natural light photographer for over 25 years (I used to shoot weddings solo on film in the late 90’s for a big company based in Macarthur).
I’ve been trained by Barb Uil (Jinky Art), and mentored one on one by Anya Ponti, Kristen Cook, Melanie Kellerman.
And of course I have been honing my skill and hallmark style for the past 17 years in order to continue to run a highly sought after and very successful display option/product based family portrait business for clients all over Camden, Sydney and even a few hours away.
At this point in my career I would dearly love to pass on all that I know to anyone who wishes to learn and grow. I feel it would be a terrible waste for me to let my knowledge and skill end with me.
I am an open book, there will be nothing left off the table.
Family portraits are a very long term investment and something I am incredibly passionate about. While my time of service is coming to an end, I feel a responsibility to share everything I have learned for the greater good for all photographers, and families in need or desire of quality family portraits.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a natural light photographer. I can work with studio lights, I have been trained in its use but have never used studio light in my business as a personal choice.

I also don’t use any of the highly taught ways to wrap a newborn that you see constantly, or any newborn props other than parents/siblings hands. I can’t teach you these methods of wrapping as I don’t know them. I have also never placed babies in or on anything other than my bean bag or parents arms.

My belief is a newborn is beautifully perfect just as he or she is and any further added elements only acts as a distraction from a newborns existing raw beauty.

I am available to come into your studio space for light assessments.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me an email


I am really looking forward to working with you.
Karen 🙂