As we move through life we grow, we change, we move forward.
In my career and as a photographer, I do the same.

For some time I have been feeling like my logo didn't fit me anymore and the thought of a change kept badgering me until I did something about it. Fast forward a few months and I could finally manage to sum up what I am all about in one mark. It is not an easy feat for a fussy perfectionist who has an insatiable need to hit the ball out of the park but I believe I got there in the end though!

OK, so I have a pair of circles in a pretty shade of green with a lovely font... So what does it all mean?

I needed a curved or circular element to symbolise the cycle of life and all of those unconditional, unspoken and unbroken ties we have to our family.

The larger unbroken circle is a symbol of a parent, the smaller unbroken circle is a symbol of a child.

The circles are made of clean lines to reflect the way I run my business, and the skill, craftsmanship and quality of my work.

The colour green symbolises new life, our youth and also reflects my organic, earthy style.

The two circles connecting demonstrates the unique, unconditional love which exists within a family. And the smaller circle being lifted symbolises the impact family portraits can have on a child. Open displays of love featured inside the home reinforces the secure family environment and is pivotal to the psychological development of a child.

The colour black symbolises my timeless style that focuses on the emotions between the family I have in front of me over any other element. Showcasing my minimalist style.

The logo as a whole demonstrates the gravity of how important genuine, honest family portraits are for your family and most importantly for your child. When we take family portraits we do this for them. I am driven to create beautiful portraits your child can carry with them throughout their life.

A new parent will spend hours devouring every line, every mark, every curve.
A new parent will explore with wonder and amazement.

In my work I aim to create beautiful, timeless, accurate portraits which document who my clients are on this day and how they feel about each other.

This is what I am all about.

My new logo connects to me it fits.

It fits me well.

K :)