Back in May this year, I entered the NSW AIPP EPSON STATE AWARDS and was so excited to be awarded three Silver Awards. In August I entered the 2017 AUSTRALIAN PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS for the first time in many years and thought I would see how I go.... I was absolutely stoked to be awarded three Silver Awards and also a Silver Distinction Award!!

The Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) is Australia’s pre-eminent professional photography event. Open to photographers from all disciplines, it seeks to reward current Australian image making. First professional photographers need to go through the process of entering the state awards to be qualified to enter. Seeded entrants hold an APPA Honour of Associate or higher.

Professional photographers from Australia and all over the world compete in a number of categories, and for the coveted title of "Professional Photographer of the Year".

The AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) was introduced in 1976. I will give away my age by saying that 1976 was an awesome year!

There were so many amazingly beautiful entries from all genres across the country and the live streaming of awards were being watched in quite a few countries! I felt a little out of my league but receiving three Silver Awards and a Silver Distinction Award for my four prints was a proud moment!! I was awarded three Silver Awards at the NSW event a few months ago. My entries again were in both family and newborn categories, it's such an honour to be recognised on a national stage!