This photograph.

Pixels printed on paper, wrapped in glass and timber is one of my absolute, most treasured possessions.

I am not one to share photos of myself, I think I may have only ever posted one or two here over the last 11 years, but I have something important to share. This is me, my Hubby and my Beautiful Two.

There are things you learn as you move through life, some lessons can only be learned in hindsight.

If only you knew this earlier, or if only someone told you sooner…

I’m not one for too many material things, but when thinking about a gift for my 40th birthday next month, there was only one thing I wanted. Family portraits, all of us together, with me included.

You can imagine I have many photographs of my children and my Husband with my children but photographically, I don’t really exist in my kids childhood. This to me was so scary.

I have been honoured to provide family portraits for families who would be soon losing a parent to a terminal illness.

I have been honoured to provide family portraits for families who have a child with a terminal illness.

I have been honoured to provide family portraits for families who have lost a child and we always find a way to include them.

Life can turn in a heartbeat.

I was able to book in a session with one of my favourite family photographers who has an approach to family portraits and a working philosophy similar to my own. I love her work, I always have. I always will.

Anya from Anya Maria Photography in Noosa was thankfully available and happy to document my family.

The whole experience was such a good one, we had a great time during our session and were able to spend some very unique, quality time together. Seeing our portfolio of portraits had us all with tears in our eyes. The family portrait above is just one of the portraits that will feature proudly on the wall of our home for as long as I can see foresee.

Here is proof of our existence, our little family. An honest documentation of who we are, and how much we mean to each other.

I know the value of a family portrait. I know the love and pride you feel for your children. I know the fierce and unconditional love you have for your family. I know the days that you can hold your babies in your hands are unfairly short. I know the need to hold onto childhood for as long as possible. I know the things I miss, I know the things that have passed that I now cherish, I know the importance of being photographed WITH my children, FOR my children. I know one day ultimately, my children will own our portfolio of family portraits, I know too that one day photographs will be all we have left. I know children feel safe, loved and realise their important part in your family unit when they see their family portrait on the wall. I know children can often find it hard to express their feelings and emotions with words, but find it easier with body language (my little boy likes to nuzzle his nose against me, as you can see ). I know a daily visual of your loving family in your home can be pivotal to your childs development.

We have paid Anya for her knowledge, expertise and professional photography, but in all honesty, Anya has given us an immeasurable gift. This is us today, but in 2 years, we would all have changed, without a doubt. In 10 years, 20 years, 50 years from now there would be no amount of money on this earth that could buy these family portraits for us. It will be absolutely impossible to come back here to this time, to this day. The passing of time is definite. There are no second chances, no rewinds.

Time is a precious commodity. Not one single person is immune to its passing. Not you, not me.
But as a family photographer, I have a gift that can press pause. Photography offers us an avenue to access our past, bouncing our past back in to our future whenever we wish to go. I am passionately driven to honour the gift within me, and feel an obligation and responsibility to share my gift, knowledge and experience.

I will never tire of encouraging families of all ages, shapes and sizes to document and dedicate.

Personally I feel relief and a sense of security to know that some day in the future, whenever my children feel the need, whether it is 5 years or 25 years down the track, they will be able to look on this photo of us all together. If we are apart for whatever reason, this single photograph holds the power to put us all back together, it holds the power to take them back to this time, and it will always carry with it a special message that will say so much more than any words ever could.

My beautiful two don’t know or understand this yet, but as adults, we do.

A massive thank you to Anya, who already knows how much our family portraits mean.

Karen xx