My family and I have now settled into our new home on beautiful acreage in Mount Hunter just outside Camden. I find the change much more conducive to the creative process and this environment provides an abundance of inspiration. Our new home includes my own dedicated creative space ~ Dragonfly Atelier.

All newborn sessions are now held in my natural light studio which means I have everything I need ready to go at my fingertips and I also have the opportunity to look after you a little bit while I photograph the newest member of your family.

This year I have changed over to a new system to archive your portfolios. I have always kept all portfolios though archiving permanently over 10 years is becoming difficult.

From here I will be archiving all client portfolios for 12 months only, after this time they will be deleted. All client portfolios photographed prior to December 2015 will slowly be replaced as new portfolios are archived (oldest first). Please reply to this email if you need your digital negatives.

Along with aim of The Love Trust Project, I am also hoping to reinforce the importance of having family portraits printed and up on the walls.

In a digital age even I am guilty of allowing my own personal family photographs to hold permanent residence inside my hard drives.

To set the tone and give a more tangible experience, my Welcome Pack will no longer be emailed. My Welcome Pack now will now arrive in letterboxes as a beautiful printed set sealed in a luxurious envelope with your families name and address hand written across the front. Delivered by the postie, these days there is nothing quite like the warmth of seeing a hand written envelope waiting for you in the letterbox.

Karen :)