This beautiful family has to be the biggest family I have photographed in my 12 years as a family photographer.
Seven little (and big) sweethearts to hang out with for an afternoon sunset session cannot be called 'working' surely!

I knew we would have a great time during this families portrait session, 7 kids including a set of twins, all so unique and beautiful in their own way... And their parents... People often tell me during newborn portrait sessions that I have the patience of a saint, I graciously accept but these parents take parenting to a whole new level. I was truely inspired by them and their happiness just filtered down all the way through to their youngest.

What an honour to be able to document this time in their lives and update their family portrait for them.
Needless to say, their was far more portraits in this portfolio than usual but I had to be sure I covered them as individuals, as siblings, as twins, as a family... And not forgetting to take photos of the two who brought them all into our beautiful world.
K :)