A week or so ago I was in beautiful Noosa up skilling and learning new techniques in my craft... There is always room to grow and improve in anything we do, I read a quote once - "only a fool would believe they know it all" ;)

It was raining or overcast most of the four days I was up there, no where near as bad as the rainfall Camden and Sydney in general received but enough to take the sunshine away from the Sunshine Coast!

Portrait photography has been a long time passion of mine, photography in general really... painting, drawing... I love to create. A never ending need to be present in what ever I am doing and a relentless drive to bring out the absolute best I have in me, makes me push myself out of any safe zones I fall into to see what I am capable of next.

The last few years I have made a conscious effort to invest in myself heavily, I know I have something special to offer, I am just in the constant pursuit of digging it up and bringing it to light! Needless to say, I learnt a lot last week and can't wait to see what I can produce over coming months.

It is strange to see family portraits on a beach from me, living on a rural property provides lots of warm tones, but the cooler shades gave me a fresh perspective and a shift in focus.

My amazing mentor Anya and myself braved the rain, cameras stuffed under our jumpers and jackets to meet this beautiful family, thankfully the rain stopped long enough for their family portrait session and some more intense learning and light bulb moments.

And what does a portrait photographer want for her birthday? I have a big birthday coming up later this year and my Hubby asked me what I would like to do... Family portraits was my answer, family portraits that is with myself in them! I have a million photographs of my own children, and my Husband with my children but I don't exist anywhere photographically.

We had to postpone our own session due to the rain but we were lucky enough to get a get an hour of a beautiful sunrise.

Knowing my children have a visual record of how we are at this time of our lives is a big relief to me.
Being able to wrap them in my arms and plant a million kisses on their tiny faces and have this recorded so they can take these memories forward with them into their futures is an amazing gift to give to them, and to me also. Thank you Anya :)

It is also good for me to be reminded of what it is like to be in front of the camera, and experience a portrait session myself.

The Love Trust Project is going well, getting a great response, we do take our family portraits ultimately for our children as one day, they will be the owners of the photographs we take. Now I just cant wait to see our family portraits and get them up on the walls! I know we will all enjoy looking at them each day.

K :)