Camden's own, specialised natural light photographer, yes, I was born in Camden Hospital :)
Awarded, experienced, and published with a love of connection, light, little people and beautiful treasures.

I am all about photographing your energy. I love creating living photographs, the kind of photographs that take your breath away and make your heart sing, because to be honest, your family is far too important and life is far too short for anything less. Your portraits need to be about what matters most, telling your story in a timeless manner.

With new life I am all about creating an authentic document of your newborn, just as they arrived into your loving arms in their true, pure state, before everyday living, at its great speed begins to take hold and quickly throws them on the beautiful carousel of life. We really only get a small fraction of time, around 7-12 days where your newborn quickly transitions into a baby. Technically a newborn is a baby under 3 months, though the difference between a newborn in their first few days where they are still uncurling, to a newborn at even 3-4 weeks of age is truly astounding.

I like to focus on your baby and your energy here too. Your newborn is a living, breathing miracle in his or her achingly beautiful first days of their fresh new life. I hold complete respect for each and every newborn I have in front of me, I see each newborn with new eyes. Finding their unique physical traits and giving them the opportunity to show me who they are, how they hold themselves and where they have been. I love to go into their world instead of forcing them into mine. They can show us so much if we pay attention.

As a whole, I work with purpose and intent shooting from the most artistic place I can, recording the essential element of love, your unbreakable bond, your connection. Handing back to you a true reflection of yourselves, giving your children an avenue to access their past, bouncing their yesterdays into their tomorrows. Knowing that one day, ultimately, your children and future generations will be the owners of the photographs we take. Your portraits mean as much to me, as they do to you.

My career began photographing weddings for a large, local company in 1996. Digital cameras started to become within most professional photographers reach around 1998 and I reluctantly sold my beautiful film cameras around 2003 and embraced everything digital. After realising my passion for photographing families, I decided to register my own business, Dragonfly Portraits was established in 2005. As a professional photographer for over 20 years, I have won awards for my portraits in NSW, Australia and Internationally, have been published in national magazines and I am also a fully Accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

I know the power of a single photograph that draws you in, and speaks to you. A photograph that will out live and outlast, and will always carry with it, a special message that will say so much more than any words ever could.

If you are all about genuine, raw, honest portraiture too, give me a call, lets create something beautiful.

I am so looking forward to meeting you.



  • IlluminARTe Festival Picton - My photographs projected onto the side of landmark buildings
  • Two photographs featured in a combined AIPP Exhibition at the ArtHouse Cafe


  • IlluminARTe Festival Picton - My photographs projected onto the side of landmark buildings
  • SOUL LIGHT ~ 2015 book published with full proceeds raising money to buy equipment for the Special Care Nursery at our local hospital


  • SOUL LIGHT Exhibition held in May, raising funds for ROAM Communities in Camden showcasing eight commissioned portraits
  • Bronze Award - International Loupe Awards





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